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I have always erred on the side of observation— admiring the diversity of the world every day, as well as the diversity of people and their experiences. Human beings are incredibly interesting and complex creatures; the physical existence of humans is intriguing because we are all so different. We are a mosaic of different body types and shapes, different skin colors, and different experiences and world views.

The way that I choose to investigate this curiosity of mine is by painting the human figure and addressing the social phenomenon of body insecurity. My work draws attention to bodily insecurities in a way opposite to how models may be photoshopped to be perfectly smooth and free of cellulite and skin discoloration. I continually challenge my own internal conflict as well as the societal conflict of what makes a “beautiful” body.

How do we define beauty as a society? Why do we have to define beauty? Why have we been taught to see natural occurrences as features that should be concealed?

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"Too Skinny"

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22"x28" Oil on canvas

A quote from the subject, edited for clarity;

"My biggest insecurity about my body is something I feel ashamed to even have as a insecurity, my weight. Ever since college has started I lost a good amount of weight. At first I thought no biggy, it’s okay, whatever I lost a little weight, I was fine with it. But ever since, I’ve had comments from family members that say I’m too skinny now, or how they are always worried about me and that I look boney. I’m ashamed to have this bother me because so many people have actual eating disorders and psychological disorders that actually affect them and bother them, so to be compared to someone who was struggling more than me made me feel SUPER guilty because I wasn’t struggling with a disorder like that. But every time I look in the mirror and see a hint of my rib cage, or my hip and collarbone dents, the whispers of others made me feel ashamed with how I looked. I used to be so comfortable in my body, but now I face the reality that all these eyes are on me watching my body change. I don’t like that. And now when I tell people that I get anxious about the idea that I might be “too skinny” (whatever the hell that means), I feel their eyes roll back inside their head and the tense breathes of annoyed heat that come out of them as they try to smile and listen to what I struggle with. Because how dare I think I’m too skinny."

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Looking to inquire about a custom painting? Check out my commissions page

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